More Information for Kids

Hi kids, my name is Cody. I want to teach you some simple ideas which will help you think like a real computer programmer so that when you grow up you'll be able to solve problems and maybe get a job as an engineer or programmer designing and building cool machines, apps and websites.

Codeletics is the fun way to learn the skills that you need, not just to write a bit of computer code, but also to think like a real programmer.

In Codeletics, you create worlds. In each world you create objects made up of shapes and images. You can get shapes and images to do anything you like - for example move, spin, collide or explode.

Then you can change the code you create to do even more cool stuff.

Once you’ve learned these simple skills, you’ll have what you need to go on to writing real apps using real programming languages that build on the skills you have mastered in Codeletics.


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Looking to invest in our children's futures?

At Codeletics we have an aggressive plan for growth and expansion. You could help us teach more children to think logically and to learn the core principles of programming that will help them expand their careers in the future. Contact us by completing the form below to receive more information on how your investment could help us.