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Codeletics is an easy and fun way for children aged 7 and above to learn the fundamental skills they need to become the engineers, scientists and computer programmers of the future.

There's much more to programming than just coding or learning a scripting language. Children need to learn about logic and abstraction, for example, before they can employ these concepts to write programmes or code.

With Codeletics, children learn about object types, objects and properties using a fun and interactive interface, guided at all times by on-screen tutorials. The learning journey is closely related to the UK government's computing curriculum and teachers and parents have a dashboard where they can see their children's progress.

Lots of us want our children to take the first steps towards writing apps or building websites. Lots of children want that for themselves, but it's very hard to know where to start. There are a number of choices available, all promising to teach children to code, however most don't teach the fundamental skills that pave the way to learning what is known as object oriented programming. Object oriented programming is used by almost every software developer on the planet.

After logging on, children can create and edit worlds with just a couple of clicks. They can 'play' these worlds, which means run the code in the world to show the shapes and images they have created. Tutorials guide them as they learn to add 'actions' and more objects to their worlds as they develop their understanding, and all the time with their progress being assessed in the teachers' dashboard.

Codeletics is expanding, and is committed to our goal of teaching kids to code properly and not just to teach them how to write some script. We are seeking investment and would love to hear from you if you share the same vision as us and would consider investing in us. Please click here for more info.

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